Summer Vacation Notice



Anniversary of time

It's getting hot all over, and it's already a midsummer feeling.
Today, June 10th, is the anniversary of time. It's an industry that deals with watches, so I'm associating it with something... Today the 10th is our store battery replacement service day and the regular price(\1,650以上)It's $5.50 cheaper.
Because it is open until 19:00, thank you m(_ _)m

Information on the Creatanaca Founding Festival

It is a guide of the event in the store. From Friday 26th to Monday, March 1st, the 62nd anniversary of Creatananaca will be held. We offer products that everyone can be excited about, such as station necklaces that are very useful for everyday use, and colored stone jewelry, mainly pearls that are indispensable for ceremonial occasions. Some products of a famous Italian brand are also set up, and we will exhibit and sell them.

Of course, we will respond firmly to corona infection control, so please feel free to visit us.
This time, we have prepared a cute mask charm for your visit present, so please look forward to it.〜